All counsellors need external supervisors to keep them on track, help them develop their practice, and protect their clients. My own supervisor is Orly Koppel.

At the beginning of 2020 I started the supervision course at the Tom Allen Centre in Glasgow. It was necessarily put on hold during the first covid lockdown and then continued to completion in June online, ending with a recording, transciption and reflective essay.

Having passed at this level, I am now ready to take on supervisees and offer you supervision at the lower rate of £40 per hour until I have completed the final assigment of the course in the form of a case study.

Please note, I will not be able to take on student counsellors until I have completed this last stage of the course

Take a look at the About Me page for more on my extensive counselling experience and background. You can also email me or call me on 07799728439 to discuss your needs.