In light of GDPR law, this is what you need to know about privacy:

After each session, I usually write very brief notes about what has been said. They are kept with your name and phone number in a locked filing cabinet in my workroom in my home. NO-ONE has access your notes except me, or you if you so choose. This is a working document written as an aid to memory so that I can help you better.  You can ask me not to keep notes at all or to destroy them once our time together is finished.

I will not share your information with any other person or agency without your consent, but there are some legal circumstances in which I might have to, for instance if a court of law required it. So far, in all my years of counselling, I have never had to do this. Where possible, I would speak to you first.

You should also be aware that I attend external supervision sessions every month. The purpose of this is to maintain my ethical and professional standards. This is a legal requirement of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), my governing body. During supervision, I discuss aspects of my work but without revealing any identifying names or circumstances.

I maintain professional insurance with Towergate Insurance.

I do not keep your number on my phone so if you text me you need to say who you are.

For more information, please contact me on 07799728439 or by email.