Coronavirus update:

Scottish Government on 16/11/2020:

“Support services, such as … one to one therapy and counselling, can operate face to face, where they are essential for people’s wellbeing and remote delivery is not possible.”

This means that for a limited number of people who, for whatever reason, can’t manage sessions by video call or phone, I can offer one to one appointments in person in the Southside of Glasgow. Do get in touch if you think this is you.

Unfortunately, for everyone else we need to stay online or by phone. The choice of mode is yours. I am finding that, while not ideal, it is still possible to work at considerable depth using these methods.

The room I use is quite small but adequately ventilated. I take all precautions to avoid infection and leave large gaps of time between client sessions so that I can open windows, clean all surfaces and change the chair arm covers. Please call if you want to discuss these measures.

About Sue Reid Counselling

I am a person-centred counsellor with lots of experience. I've worked in a busy GP practice, a social work department, an alternative health centre and in private practice. I Have particular experience in sexual abuse, trauma and neurodiversity, but I'm here to help with whatever you bring. My main model is person-centred but I'm well-acquainted with other models too. Whatever problems you are going through, I will do my best to help.
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